Success Stories of Myomectomy Surgery

Case 1

A 26 year old girl presented with the complaints of primary subfertility for the last 4 years. She had a history of of increased blood loss during her period cycles associated with severe pain lower abdomen. Ultrasonography reveals multiple tumors in the uterus which compressed the the the inner lining of the uterus leading to the possible explanation of the fertility, when a course of medication failed we decided to go for laparoscopic myomectomy where we remove the fibroids, but preserve the uterus by microsurgery so that it can help in childbirth with the surgery the post of period was uneventful the patient came back after 1 month and she was doing fine we advised her to try for pregnancy after 3 months, during which time she was under our care and she came back your letter with a 3 month old pregnancy.

Case 2

A 35 year old woman presented with complaints of severe pain abdomen during menstruation for the last 6 months. She has a history of increased bleeding for the last 9 months. We did ultrasonography and it revealed solitary uterine fibroid measuring 15 × 12 CM . We decided to go for abdominal myomectomy preserving the uterus as she was young and the family was not complete. Abdominal myomectomy was done and we removed a solitary uterine fibroid 15 × 15 CM keeping the uterus intact. She was followed up for the next one year at 3 monthly and then 6th monthly intervals and she did perfectly well. Symptoms had subsided and she was happy in her life.