Success Stories of Obstetrician Surgery

Case 1

A 39 year old female suffering from infertility presented to the clinic after pursuing treatment to conceive for past 20 years. She had three cycles of failed IUI and one cycle of failed IVF. We started our treatment and she conceived with medication. She developed hypertension during the seventh month of pregnancy and developed gestational diabetes at 24 weeks of pregnancy . She was delivered by emergency cesarean section at 34 weeks due to breakage of amniotic fluid ( breakage of of water). She delivered a 1.2 kg healthy male baby and was discharged home after one week.

Case 2

A 26 year old female was referred by another patient to the clinic. She had a previous history of 5 miscarriages, 3 at 3 and half months and 2 at 2 months. She was trying for another pregnancy for the last one year and was mentally devastated. We counselled the patient did the work up and found out that she was otherwise healthy and no associated risk factor was found . We started the patient on aspirin and gave her Folic acid . She conceived after a period of 2 months and was followed up regularly at the clinic. She complained of acute pain abdomen at 28 weeks and was found to be in labour. We performed an emergency cesarean section at midnight and delivered 950 gram female baby. The baby was kept at the NIC and followed up for the next two weeks . She was discharged along with her baby after 2 weeks. She returned for follow up after 6 weeks and was very happy.

Case 3

A 29 year old female patient came to the clinic with a history of infertility of 7 years . She was suffering from asthma and was on regular puffs she had a history of a rare disease called SLE and was on steroids . When she came to the clinic we referred her to our medicine specialist and stabilized her disease. We did her infertility Work up and found out that her egg count was really low. We thought of taking a chance and started with ovulation induction medicines instead of directly going for IVF. By God’s grace she conceived after the third cycle and delivered twins , one baby boy and another baby girl, at the end of 36 completed weeks.

Case 4

A 32 year old woman visited to our Clinic at Behala with the history of previous five lost pregnancies... 3 miscarriages ranging between 6 weeks to 12 weeks and one was a intrauterine fetal death that is death inside the womb of the mother at the end of 8 months... we planned for ger pregnancy ...did a battery of tests and she conceived after 2 months ...we took atmost care and put her on all necessary medications and injections and followed her up meticulously with all the ultrasound scans and blood reports that were necessary... recently she delivered a healthy baby boy and has got back home very happily...